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About Us

Since our inception, CAPSC has strived to build coalitions to address critical issues facing our society.

Founded in 2001, the Chinese American Parent-Student Council (CAPSC) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization that is in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2015, an NGO associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, a United Nations Global Compact Member, and a certifying organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award located in New York City. CAPSC works towards the advancement and betterment of our community through innovative and vital programs and initiatives. The major drivers for CAPSC are advancing community development, which includes the empowerment and advocacy of youth and women, tackling poverty alleviation, promoting education, environment, and culture and the arts.   

CAPSC has created numerous initiatives and collaborated with other stakeholders to make a transformative impact on our communities and its people. The organization has carried out sustainable improvements locally and internationally through increased participation from all stakeholders to facilitate positive systemic change.  The organization also works to promote culture and the arts, as we feel that the strengthening and facilitation of these two elements are integral in bringing people together, bringing  forth initiatives that promote cultural and art exchanges among all people in order to cultivate appreciation, understanding, and respect for one another and achieve a culture of peace and harmony.   

CAPSC also offers an effective outlet and sustainable platform for Asian-Americans to become politically and civically active concerning pressing issues affecting the socio-economic environment in their community and globally. 

Through community-based volunteer initiatives and programs, CAPSC engages in collaborative activities with entrepreneurial and educational partners in creating sustainable improvements within our neighborhoods. We equip and empower the next generation of young leaders with the tools needed to build a comprehensive skillset that will allow them to excel not only in academics, but in cultural, professional, community, and humanitarian arenas as well.


With every footstep and footprint, we have worked tirelessly to facilitate change and impact on our community and society. After more than a decade since the organization’s founding, the thousands of students and parents whom we have served have all evolved. Students have started their flourishing careers as lawyers, physicians, corporate executives, and other professionals, while parents have worked hard to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right.  

These individuals have returned to CAPSC with a keen sense of responsibility for the development and growth of their community and are looking to give back to the society that contributed to their achievements and success.


CAPSC has been actively involved in the work of the United Nations since 2013, with a focus on the empowerment, development and mobilization of youth and women, all of which play key roles in creating change through leadership, entrepreneurship, education, volunteering, and research, as well as the work in advocating and informing the community about the UN’s work and mission to advance the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  

CAPSC Research Committee

Aside from serving various communities through our initiatives and programs, Chinese American Parent-Student Council undertakes the use of participatory action research for the purpose of community and youth development and engagement.

With the involvement from teachers, community and business leaders, and youth leaders, we conduct research on the creation and advancement of engagement activities that communities can utilize to enhance the cohesiveness and sustainability of their communities. We believe that community development involves bringing the community together to take action on a wide array of planned investments: economic, cultural, and social development, as well as addressing human needs, and those of our natural environment.

We are committed to developing a next generation of leadership in young people and inspire them to reach new levels of achievement. Through research, we seek to create innovative ideas to build  positive development and civic engagement among our youth.

Chinese American Parent-Student Council initiated a research study to better understand the issues of cultural assimilation and leadership/ communication development that Chinese immigrant families experience while living in an American social and cultural environment. The study drew participation from many Chinese immigrants living in United States, where they voiced their concerns and hardships they or their families have faced while acclimating to American society. As a result, the study developed new ways for immigrant families, not only Chinese Immigrants, to better adjust culturally and also communicate more effectively, by means of bi-cultural perspectives.

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