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In a strategic partnership with Chinese American Parent-Student Council (CAPSC), Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) is a US-based not-for-profit organization that is compassionately dedicated to empowering and encouraging individuals, businesses, and civil societies to engage in charitable as well as  philanthropic endeavors and fundraising initiatives that promote global equity, environmental protection, and women and youth empowerment.


Global Goodwill Ambassador  was founded by Ms. Yen Chou, a renowned educator and strong community advocate, joined by a leadership team consisting of community activists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists as well as the support of  ten private sector companies across various industries who've agreed to collaborate.

Collaborating with innovative and visionary leaders and organizations, Global Goodwill Ambassador will create a pipeline to address societal, economic, environmental, and health challenges. Through awareness, advocacy, education, and empowering initiatives, we hope to set a precedent in bringing the world to a path of sustainable growth and development. Global Goodwill Ambassador has supported many humanitarian initiatives and has provided timeless assistance to foster and develop transformative changes worldwide through awareness, advocacy, education, and empowering initiatives.


We are organizing this year's charity fundraising initiative, under the theme of “Hand in Hand for Gender Equality,” with UN Women for the second year in a row.  The first gala was a remarkable success, with $200,000 USD raised to support UN Women’s work to promote gender equality, empower women, and combat gender discrimination and violence, specifically under UN Women’s Ending Violence Against Women program.


As we are living in unprecedented times, with great uncertainties and challenges manifested in regional conflicts, poverty, climate change, terrorism, and refugees seeking asylum, it is imperative that there is an organization like GGA which collaborates with individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations, including the United Nations, for the purposes of creating a constructive and sustainable channel to bring the world to a path of sustainable growth and development and addresses our society's most pressing challenges. Through the implementation of the Public Private Philanthropic Partnership (PPPP), we hope to reinvent the idea of giving. We want to galvanize and amass the entrepreneurial and business communities, private enterprises, and public agencies to work together as partners to engage in public welfare activities.

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