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The program of “Global Philanthropy Video Exhibition Action” seeks ambitious innovators who are challenged to utilize video and other formats of social media, combining science and technology, literary skills and creativity, to  emerge  with potential proposals that can be influential and reach every part of the world; every individual is called upon to actively participate and implement the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, uniting together to fight for human universal values and ensure the continued survival of humankind.  In short, the program’s goal is to select and identify outstanding creative implementations of SDGs that can be executed and then attract entrepreneurs to invest and jointly promote the SDGs project.  It is our hope that in the near future, the programs will disseminate worldwide to educate and inspire global citizens to take action and forge effective partnerships mechanisms between professional creative teams and enterprises to overcome existing challenges of financial platforms needed to achieve the SDGs.  This type of investment that integrates society and economy will become the main investment trend in the world today.

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