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Community Based Activities
CAPSC donates non perishable goods to local organizations and seniors centers

In a fight to eliminate extreme hunger in our communities, CAPSC  has organized its annual food drives to support food banks, local pantries and community organizations who provide meals for the less fortunate as well to disburse  to the elderly community and to families in need.

August 2019-  Open Door Family Life Center, Inc. ,  Donation Acknowledgment Letter to CAPSC

May 2017- Food Bank of New York City Donation Acknowledgement Letter to  Chinese American Parent-Student Council of NYC

Neighborhood  Clean-Up Project
CAPSC donates money to assist in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts 

Letter from Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City

Aug. 2016- Food Bank of New York City Donation Acknowledgement Letter to  Chinese American Parent-Student Council of NYC

In response to series of complaints from the community about how people treat our one and only planet, Chinese American Parent-Student Council and its volunteer action team and New York State Assemblyman David Weprin partnered with one another to organize a Community Clean-Up Event. With a pair of gloves and trash bags, our volunteers were out on full-force on a mission to improving the environment and our communities at the same time, exemplifying our ongoing commitment to provide a healthier and safer place for all humanity to live, work and play.

[MEDIA RELEASE] New York State Assemblyman David Weprin Joins Chinese American Parent-Student Council for Summer Clean Up Project

CAPSC organizes free self-defense seminars for the community 

2011 June 19- CAPSC hosted a free self-defense seminar for the community, but especially for females. CAPSC organized this seminar in light of rape and murder of 29 year-old Yu Yao that occurred this past May, which has had a tremendous impact on the local Asian American community.


It was a senseless and heinous crime, the exact type that stirs the fear and concern among residents. Many Asian American women are now afraid to walk the streets alone and have imposed tight curfews on their children to prevent a similar incident from happening again.


In response to the brutal incident, CAPSC invited three martial artists and self-defense instructors to offer free self-defense courses. It was their objective to make sure that all women learn the skills they need to defend themselves in case of an attack. They have earned a lot of respect in our local community for their selfless generosity and for the valuable skills they have imparted.


Familiarity with self defense is not just important for the individuals who are the victims of an imminent attack. As commentators have pointed out, the tragedy was not only that Yu Yao was raped, but also that none of the bystanders intervened. I believe thanks to the public service of these martial art masters, we could build a stronger community, one that more readily stands up to protect those in need.

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